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Installation FAQs

Can the heater be used in a basement or garage?

Certainly, you can use the heater in a basement, provided it is finished
with drywall and carpet. If the basement lacks these finishing elements, we
recommend considering our Heat Storm Outdoor Infrared Heaters for your heating

Can I use the heater on a job/construction site?

Heatstorm outdoor infrared heaters are specifically designed for non-insulated or
outdoor settings. Check them out here.

Can I use the heater in my bathroom?

It is not recommended to use space heaters in humid/wet environments since it is an electronic device.

How high off the ground should I install my heater?

For indoor wall units: Select a spot on your wall with a clearance of at least 4" from the floor and adjacent walls.

For garage and tradesman units: Select a spot on the wall or ceiling that is at least 5' 10" off the ground. You will need a clearance of at least 4" between the heater and nearby adjacent walls.

Can I use the heater if I have vaulted or cathedral ceilings?

Yes, but it may take longer to heat the room initially. Once the room has reached the desired temperature it will cycle on and off accordingly.

Can I use the heater and another appliance at the same time?

Yes, as long as they are not on the same electrical circuit. Heat Storm Infrared Heaters are considered to be an appliance. You should not run more than one large appliance on a single circuit breaker. Your heater, freezer, refrigerator, microwave oven, washing machine, dryer, and other such appliances should not share a circuit breaker. 

Can I use an extension cord, surge protector, or power strip with my heater?

No, we do not recommend the use of an extension cord, surge protector, or power strip with our heaters.

Heater 101

Can it heat multiple rooms simultaneously?

Yes, however, the effectiveness will depend on the openness of your floor plan and the sizes of the rooms. We recommend experimenting to determine the most suitable configuration for your needs.

My home is not insulated very well, will this heater help me?

Certainly, this heater can assist in heating your home, but it's important to note that rooms with inadequate insulation may not retain heat as efficiently. This may lead to the heater running for longer durations or more frequently.

Can I use more than one heater at a time?

Yes, but make sure they are not on the same electrical circuit. Each heater and appliance should be on its own circuit.

What is Zone heating?

Zone heating implies that
there are multiple areas in any given home or business where climate is best controlled by heaters that generate and deliver heat in each area or zone AND regu­late temperature in each area or zone with its own thermostat. Zone Heating is the opposite of central heating which generally relies on a single thermostat to determine climate control for other areas of the house or business. Central heating also requires ducting to deliver heat, which is very inefficient. 

Can I use a heat storm heater as a primary heat source?

You can use the heaters as a primary heat source, but keep in mind that they were not designed or advertised for this use. Refer to the smaller area in your models square footage recommendation as a guideline on what it can heat as a primary heat source*. If the heater is constantly running, the heater may not be able to keep up. 

*Square footage may vary based on home insulation conditions

Can I move the heater around while it is operating?

It is not recommended to move
any portable heater while it is operating. We recommend turning the heater to the off posi­tion and moving the heater once the fan has completely turned off. 

What happens if I unplug the unit before the blower has finished it's cooling down cycle?

When heater is unplugged in
working status the fan will blow as soon as the heater is plugged in again. When heater is unplugged in standby status the fan will not blow when the
heater plugs in again. If the heater did not finish the cooling procedure when it was unplugged, the fan will blow immediately when the heater turns on by pressing on/off icon. 

How do I connect my heater to Wi-Fi?

You can find in-depth instructions for downloading the app and getting your heater setup on your Wi-Fi on our Wi-Fi support page.

What is eco mode?

The heater runs at full power until it's within 2 degrees of the set temperature. It then shifts to 50% power to achieve and maintain the desired temperature. This ensures more frequent, energy-efficient operation while effectively maintaining the set temperature.

Should my heater come with a remote?

The following heaters DO NOT come with a remote (all the rest will):

  • HS-1500-OTR
  • HS-1500-TT
  • HS-1500-TRC
  • HS-1500-TC
  • HS-1500-WALL-R


Factory Reset

Power the heater off and allow time for the elements to cool. Unplug and plug in heater. Within 3 minutes of plugging in the heater, press and hold the timer button for 10 seconds to reset the heater to factory settings.

If an issue persists, contact customer service at 435-752-6611.

Why is the heater not blowing air when I turn it on?

When powering the heater ON, it does not blow any air at first. The initial 15 seconds allow the infrared elements to heat up, ensuring that when the fan turns on, warm air is circulated into the room.

If it does not kick on after the warm up period, check to make sure your set temperature is higher than the current temperature of your room. It will not heat up the room until the temperature drops below the set temperature.

Burning plastic smell

A light plastic odor is normal for new, unused heaters. If the smell persists for more than a couple of hours, contact customer service.

Heater not blowing warm air

  • Ensure the air inlet is not blocked and the air filter is clean. If the filter is dirty, clean it.
  • The ambient temperature (displayed) is higher than the thermostat setting.
  • There is something blocking the air flow (common if the heater is in a closet or under a desk). Move the object out of the way.

Continuing to blow air when the heater is turned off

This is the cool down phase. The heater will run for several minutes (up to 12) to cool the internal components. This increases the lifespan of the infrared elements. If the heater did not finish the cooling procedure when it was unplugged, the fan will blow immediately when the heater is powered back on.

Heater fails to reach set temperature and constantly runs.

Possible reasons for temperature discrepancies:

  1. Ensure clean filters.
  2. Address drafty or poorly insulated rooms.
  3. Keep doors closed for efficient heating.
  4. Place the heater on an interior wall, away from windows.

If the issue persists, consider the heater's size suitability for the room. The square footage recommendations may vary based on your home's insulation.

Heater and central heating thermostats are showing different readings.

All thermostats vary in their temperature setting. In most cases, the central heating thermostat is not as accurate as your Heat Storm thermostat. The location of the temperature censor can also alter the thermostat reading.

You can calibrate your heater’s thermostat to better match your cen­tral heating thermostat. Please see the calibration section of your heater's manual.

Cord gets excessively hot, especially at the plug.

The issue is likely a faulty connection from the wall wiring to the outlet, leading to overheating of both the outlet and plug. Additionally, ensure that there are not too many appliances plugged into outlets on a single circuit, which is a common problem in older homes. If the issue persists, it is advisable to seek the assistance of a qualified electrician.

Fan runs for under a minute and then turns off.

The fan is circulating the air within the room in order to determine if the ambient temperature in the room has changed.

My display turns off. Why?

After a period of inactivity, some heater models will auto dim the screen.

Where is my power cord?

Many heaters feature a convenient cord storage compartment. To access it, simply press the tabs and pull open to retrieve or store your cord.

Why isn't my heater turning on?

Most of our heaters are equipped with a tip-over shut-off safety feature. Make sure the heater is turned/installed upright then reactivate by pressing the on/off icon. You may need to shake it a little to dislodge the tip-over mechanism if the heater has been stored in the wrong position for a while.

Display functions won't work.

Make sure the child lock feature is not on. If child lock is off and problem persists, please contact customer support.


EE | Temperature sensor (probe) error

When this code shows, the heating element and fan are turned off. Unplug heater and check if the temperature sensor is loose, disconnected, or damaged.

EO | Program setup failure

Unplug the heater and plug it in again. If error persists, the PCBA may need to be replaced. Contact our customer service.

EI | Tip-over error

The heater and fan are turned off. Reposition the heater upright and then reactivate by pressing the on/off button.

UH | Incorrect high voltage power supply error

Unplug the heater immediately. Attempt plugging the heater into a different outlet and ensure it is the sole major appliance on the circuit.

LO | Temperature is too low

The ambient temperature is less than 16°F (-9 °C). It is too cold for the electronic elements to run.

HI | Temperature is too high

The temperature is greater than 99° F (37°C). Once it cools down, the heater will resume operation.