QUESTION: Why does the Blower Fan keep running after I have turned off the rocker switch?

ANSWER: The Blower Fan will continue to run until the heat chamber has cooled down. After a few minutes, the fan will shut off automatically. This ensures that the quartz infrared heating elements are cooled properly helping to ensure the longevity of your heater.


QUESTION: Can the heating elements be replaced?

ANSWER: Yes. Contact an authorized repair center. Generally, this is the store where you purchased your heater.


QUESTION: My cord is getting very hot, especially at the plug. Is that normal?

ANSWER: No. Most likely the problem is that the connection from the wall wiring to the outlet is faulty and is causing the outlet and plug to overheat. Also, make sure there are not too many appliances plugged into outlets on a single circuit. If the problems persist consult a qualified electrician.


QUESTION: The heater’s airflow seems to have diminished?

ANSWER: Make sure the air inlet is not blocked and that the filter is clean. Follow the Filter Maintenance procedure in the Operation Instructions section.


QUESTION: Once I initially plug the unit in and turn it on, how long will it take to heat my room?

ANSWER: Generally, it takes about a half hour. Please remember that with any type of heating process there are many variables; size of the room, how well the room is insulated, how many doors/windows, how much bare concrete (which acts as a heat sink with any type of heating), the opening and closing of an exterior door, etc… Therefore, heating performance will vary in every environment.


QUESTION: Can I use the heater to heat multiple rooms at the same time?

ANSWER: Yes. Keep in mind the heating will vary based on how open your floor plan is and the sizes of the rooms involved. Our suggestion, give it a try and see what works best for you.


QUESTION: My Heater never seems to reach the set temperature, it just keeps running.

ANSWER: There are several possible causes. Make sure the filter(s) are clean. If the room is drafty or poorly insulated the thermostat sensor may be taking an inaccurate reading. Make sure to keep doors closed so that the heater can heat the room. Also, ensure that the heater is plugged into an interior wall and is not below a window. Often, when a heater is below a window the cool air from the window is causing an inaccurate temperature reading.


QUESTION: My home is not insulated very well, will this heater help me?

ANSWER: Yes, but keep in mind that rooms with little insulation will not retain the heat as efficiently and may result in your heater running longer or more often.


QUESTION: Can I use the heater if I have vaulted or cathedral ceilings?

ANSWER: Yes, but it may take longer to heat the room initially. Once the room has reached the desired temperature it will cycle on and off accordingly.


QUESTION: Can the heater be used in a bathroom?

ANSWER: It is not recommended due to the high level of moisture in a bathroom.


QUESTION: Will I be able to use the heater in a basement or garage?

ANSWER: Yes, if the basement is finished with drywall and carpet. Otherwise we recommend you use our Heat Storm Outdoor Infrared Heaters for this heating need.


QUESTION: Can I use more than one heater at a time?

ANSWER: Yes, make sure they are not on the same electrical circuit. Each heater and appliance should be on its own circuit.


QUESTION: Can I use the heater on a job/construction site?

ANSWER: Our outdoor infrared heaters are recommended for non-insulated or outdoor environments.


QUESTION: Can I move the heater around while it is operating?

ANSWER: It is not recommended to move any portable heater while it is operating. We recommend turning the heater to the off position and moving the heater once the fan has completely turned off.